chevy 350 rattling noise at idle 3 1500. the most common knock out of a 350 is a lifter, a rod, fuel pump rod if you have a mechanical fuel pump, or loose bolts holding the torque converter on, How loud is the noise and what part of the engine is it coming from. Only check when the engine is cool. I got out to listen and did hear it. This Chevy Silverado truck had a very loud rattle noise, that sounded like it was co. 5. any mods are unknown,but my son who has had a harley for some time seems to think it has none. Checked out engine, assumed rod/main bearing. The Chevy vortec engine line spans from small block V6’s to big block V8’s and also includes some inline 4, 5, and 6 engines used in less popular GMC brands. Pulled over, knocking sound. There are several causes for the engine to rattle while idling. ·. A lot of white smoke typically indicates the following problems: Overheating Engine – The white smoke can indicate the engine is overheating. It may be a loose pipe or the blades failing within the turbo. This ZZ4 engine comes with a Chevrolet Performance Parts dual plane intake manifold part number 10185063 designed for use on all small blocks through 1986. 0L engines. If it comes on while you’re driving, stop immediately. It could indicate the last stage of the converter’s life. My older brother has an '01 Tahoe. anything past idle it sounds fine. Noise seems to be directly from the . Was told it had turbo problems and it needed . This intake manifold was designed with a dual pattern carb flange. Chevy Silverado Making a Rattle Noise , Replacing A catalytic converter. 1 Posts. lis 2018. 31. After about 10-15 seconds or so, the . Our famous “Hum Baby” Chevy 350 crate engine! She’s a smooth running machine that is suitable for a practical enthusiast looking for a higher quality engine than what GM offers. Missing air deflector fasteners #PIC5874: Fluttering Rattling or Thumping Type Noise Above 45 MPH - (Jun 12, 2013) Subject: Fluttering Rattling or Thumping Type Noise Above 45 MPH Models: 2011 - 2014 Chevrolet Cruze 2012 -2014 Buick Verano One common problem that will cause a rattle at idle is a failing hydraulic valve lifter. If you have ever listened to a big cam or small cam cummins idle and heard that rattly sound from the front of the engine? Thats basically what . 1999 Chevy Blazer Zr2 4. That is a better video and IMO sure sounds like something external rattling. “Chirp” is a sharp, high-pitched, repetitive noise of short duration, usually worse at low engine speeds (idle). I've had the startup rattle since my 2006 4 banger Colorado has been new. Idler Pulley Location. 7L GM engines. Depending upon how long does the noise persist after the starting of the engine, we can conclude whether the problem is with the valve train or dirt in the oil tank. The coolant level. An expert that has 1 follower. Chevrolet's LT1 engine employs a method called Reverse Flow Cooling, which redirects the engine coolant into the cylinder head first, instead of its traditional entry point, the engine block. GM tech support still does not know how to fix cleared code and reprogramed computer for start up fuel to air mixture. The Big Problem with Chevy's 5. It starts quiet and gets a but louder but not super loud. If the noise is a steady metallic rap, it may indicate a rod/rod bearing. but the idle on the carb is really high right now, and the second start up it was already . Sometimes, fixing a ticking engine is as easy as adding new oil. no codes, repair: gm tech assist had camshaft actuators replaced , fixed knocking/rattle at cold start only! idle worse, now loss of engine power intermittently causing vehicle to hardly move, had vehicle back less than 24hrs. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado . Steering Column Noise. Nothing at idle. This trouble code detects that the fuel rail/system pressure is . very high idling, etc), between apx 2000-3000 rpm, the thing rattles . I was hearing a rattling, clattering, type noise at a idle. 3 engine and it's making a taping noise. 5 liter V6 in it. Inside the transmission, it could be the synchronizer forks rattling in the synchro sliders. When the oil level gets too low, there can be a situation where air gets pumped through the engine, along with the reduced amount of oil that remains. ožu 2012. Can someone please help with what I should check next, I have a 1998 Chevy K1500 5. 11. I don't seem to happy, my younger brother works for at Chevy Dealer Shop, he says it's normal but has yet to actually listen to it. Unknown noises can mean problems with your vehicle, . I've never ever had to replace one on my 400 or any of the other 400's I service on a regular basis and those bikes have huge mileages on them. I . Also doesn't do it on short trips, after 15-20+ miles of driving it then it will do it. Its 4x4 if that has anything to do with the issue. I think it must be a normal engine noise for the Duramax or at least the newer ones. Diagnosing GM Transmissions. Just got the exhaust on the 350 sbc and now I am hearing a ticking noise from under the valve cover for the first time. Hit throttle, and over 1,000 rpm's or so, goes away. We went for a road test and he found it at 2100-2200 RPM's. The noise would get louder under acceleration and quite off when I let off, After a couple of days we pulled the engine found a broke rod bearing not a turned but broke, the number 5 top bearing was broke about a inch from the tap. Check the temperature gauge. 7L) has developed a wierd and annoying noise in the last 100 or miles of driving. As soon as i give a little throtle, the noise goes away. took back for knocking, surging, rough idle, stalling. With an exhaust leak, the muffling of the noise is cut short, making the noise louder. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - 2008 Metal Rattle Noise at Idle - Been getting a metal rattling noise . a subtle ticking noise that is apparent when the vehicle is idling. Today's vehicles have very complicated valve systems, many with variable valve timing, yet they are often relatively trouble-free. 3L "rattle" noise at warm idle. The fuel injectors on newer vehicles can also be loud and make a ticking noise. At 800 rpm, my vacuum fluctuates fairly steadily between 14 and 16. Idle is set too low causing harmonic vibration to transmit via drive belts to blower drive. Chevy Silverado Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms. Photo in the Public Domain. Validate the repair by checking for noise or vibration at 1800-2200 engine RPM. I got my 350 running,and ran it the 20 minutes at 2000rpm for the cam breakin,halfway through the break in I started hearing a slight lifter tick so I let it run the whole 20 minutes and then let it idle down and pulled off the valve covers one side at a time and readjusted all of them at idle. A loose fan belt can result in overheating. Jun 02, 2013 · It is most pronounced when the engine is warm and in gear at idle. Misfires. 12. 92 F350 Lariat, 2WD, Dualie, CC, LB, E4OD Trans, Banks Sidewinder turbo, GV O/U, Pyro, Boost, Oil temp, Trans temp. xx each). With your car, the heat shield or an under engine shield is most likely. 3l diesel engine ^transmission - 4r100 - "rattling" noisefrom converter area - vehicles equipped with 7. It doesn't do it when cranking, it's only when the car first starts up (more noticeable on cold start-up). He did - we returned - he looked for any bulletins related on this for the 2014 Stingray. 87 Regular Gas. but still very noticeable at idle. 30 lbs at idle warm,, 700 ish rpm. The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding Lifter Noise And Low Oil Pressure On GM Engines on 1997-2013 GM 4. Pulled every plug wire, makes noise worse. rattles until i come to a full stop. By doing this, more heat is pulled out of the combustion area, which, by itself, is a negative, but allowed for higher-than-normal compression ratios . We stopped and he got under the hood while I held the Idle at 2100-2200. A faulty VVT solenoid can prevent the VVT actuator from getting the oil pressure it needs. may have helped some what. chevy 350 engine rattle Overnight or while I'm at work. ^noise - "rattling" noise from converter area - vehicles equipped with 4r100 transmission and 7. An expert who has achieved level 1. Rattle noise when car is idle. 5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty. #2 · Jan 2, 2009. Took out the passenger O2 so both rear O2's were out. Turbocharged cars do make good noises such as spooling or a blow off valve noise but there are also bad noises. The heat shields are used between the exhaust and the underside of the vehicle to keep the vehicle cool . 2003 Chevy 2500hd regular cab 4x4, dury/ally, work truck package, non-emissions truck, no cat, no egr, victory red, midland cb with remote speaker, ppe high idle kit, 2nd set of injectors, 10ft snowdogg plow, 125k+ miles, 8100+ hours 2002 gmc 2500hd, durry/allison, xcab short bed, heated leather, 4x4. Makes rattling noise when it starts. If you here a “police siren” type of noise that is gradually getting louder, this is a bad sign. Brought it into my local Chevy dealer & took the Service Manager out to hear it. How. First time ever with issue!!! I thought it was sounding like valve lifters. This sound will generally be the same in intensity whether the engine is idling, operating at high speeds, or under load. When driving, only heard it faintly when decelerating down a hill or coming to a stop. Nothing is more important to your engine than the flow of oil. I determined that with the PCV valve hooked up, my SBC 350 will not idle right, it just fluctautes up and down. Engine Spark Knock - That Annoying Knocking, Pinging Or Rattling Sound Engine spark knock sounds like a metallic knocking, pinging or rattling noise, coming from your engine. 14. The gear rollover noise is common to the MTX75 transmission at idle. The powerplants found in the fourth generation F-body cars, as well as the C5 Corvette, are inherently noisy. 2nd set of injectors. Most people call this a pinging or rattling sound. Chevrolet Silverado 2007-2013: Noise Diagnostics Guide. 7L & 6. If this reduces the noise, the cause is excessive clearance, and you’ll need to make the proper adjustments. worn or damaged gears. tra 2013. According to owners, this noise is one of the most commonly reported 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 problems. No Noise on acceleration. In my 1992 Chevy Silverado, 5. idle gear noise (gearbox on neutral) and use electro-dynamic . White/Black/Blue Smoke from the Exhaust. 6. At the start up there's not noise but once it warms up (at idle) the noise is there. it started making an awful, "rattle" noise only after a cold start and had a very rough idle. Proper periodic servicing of the PCV valve will prevent this situation from occurring. Shook the O2 sensors, they didn't make much noise. While a ticking noise is higher pitched and closer in context to a rattling of sorts, engine knock sounds more like a repetitive hammering and is often much louder. The noise only happens at idle speed, as soon as you touch the accelerator it goes away completely. GM states that a worn cam lobe creates a consistent chirp, squeak, squeal, or tick noise at camshaft speed, along with a misfire with trouble codes P0300-P0308. Now after about 2 hours of running Im hearing lifter noise . While the 5. 1,662 Posts. When car is stopped, it begins to make a rattling noise, at times it can be quite loud, it also starts to vibrate and almost cut off. tra 2006. svi 2016. The vehicle has about 200,000 miles on it and has been . This helps to ensure less engine noise and longer reliability, due to less wear and tear. When I got done it sounded and idled great. Its been ***** me off big time. If you are noticing a rattling or ticking noise, especially under acceleration, it is a good idea to inspect your car for potential issues. Ring gear looks good but my starter makes a off noise like its a Chevy with no shims. I drive a 6-speed manual. Lowered, 60-over 350 with Dart Iron Eagle heads and Comp Cams XE268 cam, TH350 w/ shift kit, 3. It seems like all of the lifters or valves are rattling on both heads. The torque converter housing is mechanically attached to the engine's crankshaft causing the pump to operate whenever the engine is running. The problem got much better after I changed my spark plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor (160,000 miles), but it still likes 89 octane much better. #9 · Apr 20, 2016. #11 · Jul 24, 2014 (Edited) My 2008 Colorado 3. ožu 2014. Dynomax VT's are a solid performer on the street 1995 Caprice ERE 383 , CIA long tubes, Dynomax VT's, RAISS, Kore3/Z06 brakes, 3. I read on other threads that when the one-way bearing goes bad, the engine brake usually starts acting up. 7 LT1 V8. 130k, 6,600 hours If the noise is noticeable at idle, but goes away as the RPM increase, this is normal. #2 · Oct 6, 2015. I have a 1973 Chevy 350 engine new pistons new rods. As belt speed increases, . ruj 2012. 20. Hook the timing light to any one cylinder and watch the flash illuminate the timing mark. . You’ll notice this sound when you turn the steering column. After the engine has been run, the oil pressure comes up within a second the rest of . Noise happens between 45-55mph, 60-65mph, and sometimes under acceleration at any speed. Your valves have to open and close once for every 2 times your engine spins around. In an overhead cam engine, the camshaft lobes themselves depresses the valve while in single cam engines, the cam actuates push rods that open the valves by moving a lever called the rocker arm. 7 4×4, recently it started to make a rattling noise from the engine, sounds like a rock got caught in the engine fan, sometimes its loud and sometimes its low. My brother was standing outside of it the other day and asked what the thumping noise was. The cause is often excessive valve clearance or a defective hydraulic valve lifter. It's also a tapping noise. Below is a Video of this sound. g. GM's solution is to remove the plate. 73 gears. Mine is doing the same thing, only mine doesn't have the CVT. Whats up guys, Hey I have a 2003 3500HD with the 6. Valve lifter noise is detrimental and should be addressed quickly. That bearing only functions at idle and is unlikely to be causing noise at your sort of mileage. sounds internal. I was amazed at how incredibly fast it was. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 28, 2009. 3L . The noise can’t be heard inside the cabin and can only heard outside. There are also some more technical causes to point out . Whenever i park somewhere and just idle, i hear a graudual rattle. Recently purchased a 16ft Tahiti , Hardin Marine 350 Chevy, Berkley 12JE-A. 28. 4l. it never happens at idle. Likewise, positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valves can tick or rattle at idle. JBA shortie headers, air raid intake, crank, shackles and body lift on 32s. I changed mine today on my . Ford never issued a specific recall for the 2018 5. #25 · Jan 26, 2012. Before taking anything apart, check to see if your engine’s computer has any trouble codes saved in it. The actual cause may be slightly less dramatic. Check Engine Light. Rattling is commonly caused by stabilizer links or looseness in ball joints. maximum rpm will go to 3500, then a rattling noise ca … read more Valves in my Chevy 350 rattling under load, but not during idle. 7. We consider the automotive gearbox rattle noise resulting from vibro-impacts that can occur between the idle gears under excessive velocity fluctuations of . It will be a faint sound when the car is idling in . No loss of power or driveablilty, still does 0-60 in 8 seconds and all that. stu 2017. 8L, 5. The vehicle was also making a rattle noise (while in motion) at 1200 to 1500 RPM. I was using an aftermarket oil filter, I think it was Deutsch or some kind of Champ . then started it up and about the first 30 minutes it would run about 1/2 guage at 750rpm idle and max out off the guage (factory indash) revin it up. To fix this problem, you may need new bearings or other work done on the pistons or crankshaft -- parts located deep in the engine, meaning this can be a time-intensive repair. Logged. I finally isolated pretty much where the noise was coming from. At least one driver reported that they got a brand new 2018 Ford F-150 and noticed these rattling noises fairly soon . srp 2008. 2 with some ticking - knocking that increases throughout the rpm range. 3 2014 - Silverado makes a clattering noise while running/idling in park. 3L 4x2 Crew Cab. 3, 200,000 miles. Some noise can come from a worn camshaft. Just picked up my first 7. Ford) have technical service bulletins (TSBs) for this concern. 8000 mi: Engine stalling. lis 2011. The hydraulic lifter in a car's engine uses oil pressure to adjust a plunger and take up all the clearance in the valve train. 7 vortec misfire was created by Steven1980. " "They all do it!" I told him that it was unacceptable and to tell the GM rep that this will be my last Chevy truck. It would rattle under load at low RPM because of piston pre-firing. tra 2019. It's why a worn or faulty pump makes a whining noise in all gears, including park and neutral. 7. A classic case of a tappety, rattling engine Not only can this degradation lead to an annoying tapping noise but it can also decrease engine efficiency, and therefore power. 42 - 50 ----- Car begins to lower its idle speed from 1,200rpm to 600rpm 50 - 106 ---- Idling at 600rpm, this is when the noise is occurring 105 ----- Car is unlocked using the key fob 111 ----- Key is inserted and twisted to "ON" and the noise goes away Here's the video link: Chevy Malibu Remote Start When my flexplate cracked on my 81 Pontiac, it sounded sort of like a rod knock noise, just farther back than normal. 3L, 5. velj 2021. The most common cause of engine ticking is a noisy valve train. I've been having this noise with the truck for some time now. srp 2018. Robert-Thanks for your question about the humming noise in your transmission. 3 v6, 4l60e, g80 with 3. Balance chain replaced per extended warranty. srp 2014. Problems regarding Chevy 5. but it's driving me crazy. 0 litre engine relating to this problem with knocking, rattling, ticking, and chirping, but they did acknowledge it in more than one way. Rattling Noise From the Engine . Reader Question Hi, I have a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 5. 1 mph faster or slower and its gone. It's a rattle as if something was loose. We have a 1971 SST Javelin 360 4bbl automatic . To check your clearances, you can insert a thickness gauge between the valve stem and the rocker arm or lifter. And, usually occurs after the engine, has reached or is near normal operating temperature. Within 4 days of purchase it started making an awful, "rattle" noise only after a cold start and had a very rough idle. Just went to troubleshoot, and it knocks at idle, less with serpentine off. Starts normally, idles smoothy. Took inspection cover off. Was only able to take it for about 40 mins. I'm no pro but have assisted with 1 350 chevy re-build and 1 350 . As it warms up to the point where the EOT and ECT are 165 degrees or warmer, the noise is less frequent and a little quieter. When its not warmed up the oil pressure is normal but when it gets hot the oil pressure drops to 0 at idle and in drive but seems to be normal when I am giving it gas. will also do it in neutral as you increase the throttle and pass thru that . How much to fix it | Find answers to your 2012 Chevrolet Cruze question from certified mechanics and auto experts. Sounds like it's the throwout bearing - and I doubt there's an easy fix, except for one. A bad torque converter could be the origin of rattling sound when accelerating at low speed. Newly built Chevy 350 (96-99) “rattling” sound with slight throttle. It is most pronounced when the engine is warm and in gear at idle. So the next time I take it in, I'm going to bring this to the Lexus service department's attention. Engine Rattle Noise Cold 1999 Chevy Suburban 5. I've tried synthetic oil, different weights of oil (from 0W-30 to 10W-30), multiple brands & types of filters with and without ADBV. Okay, quick background: My recently-purchased Kaiser M715 was rebuilt by Memphis Equipment in 2007. I have a 91 chevy silverado w/350 tbi and a 5 speed Standard tranny. Jul 3, 2019 — 2015 – 2020 Ford F150 – Rattle during low speeds and light throttle – I cant find where a rattle is coming from and wondering if any other Ford … FIXED! 1998 chevy k1500 5. 31 gear,TH400,exhaust manifolds,factory intake/780 Holley Re: Mercruiser 350: clicking noise at high RPM When you adjusted the lash, did you turn the engine over until the lifters were all the way in the down position? You have to adjust each valve when it's all the way in the down position, or you're going to have a noisy valve train. sij 2012. i have a 98 s10 2. park and rev the engine there is no noise, you also don't hear it at idle. If you don’t have one there should be a warning light. If the engine is overheating currently, get it shut off as soon as safely possible. A car making squeaking noises often develops rattling as the wear gets worse. 7L has had the same loud, oil pressure related rattle on startup, from when it was new. 2OO3 chevy tracker valve train noise. My setup is the PCV in the passenger valve cover and a K&N oil breather/filter in the driver's side valve cover. This noise is more noticeable on acceleration because the engine is working harder, making the noise louder. The Reasons for Power Steering Pump Noise. I have a 2020 Duramax with 500 miles on it. Engine knocking is also generally far more serious than ticking. The dual-mass flywheel in the MK3 Focus helps improve it over the older models. Tapped each cat, no noise. By Rick Seitz August 01, 2012. I put a summit 1104 cam lifters in it new. Don't idle in neutral - instead, leave it in gear and push the pedal in, or just shut the engine off. When you are in the cab, it sounds like it is on the passenger side. 350 small block knock at idle rpms. It does it about once every 2-3 seconds. This is a common problem that we hear often about, and it’s regarding the irritating rattling sound that comes from Chevy 6. A natural drag racer with their fairly light weight, rear wheel drive, strong transmissions, and simple suspension, the mid-'90s “F-body" cars also featured a stout 350-cubic-inch LT1 V8. I put a new set of lifters in from a shop in fort worth that are supposed to hold more oil. Joined Mar 3, 2008. srp 2021. it wasn't always like this, I had it about a year and a half, 62K miles. Poor Acceleration. 1/2 to 3/4 guage at rpms, about 60lbs. Looked around and everything is fine. Loud Siren Noise. 3l diesel engine light truck: 1998-99 econoline 1999 f-250 hd, f-35o, super duty f series issue View your Chevy vehicle’s specific recall information and active notifications inside your Chevrolet account. Everything was done right and I have a rattle in it. Ford Super Duty F-350 TREMOR Reviewed!. NOTE: This tutorial covers the EGR valve of the 1987-1995 throttle body fuel injection (TBI) system of the 4. This noise is caused by an air/ . It will do it in park at those rpm's and will only. Diagnosing incomplete oil pressure on a small-block Chevy. Camaro and Firebird: Rattle Noise When Accelerating. It may be happening all the time, but I only notice it at a stop while at idle because there isn't engine/road noise to interfere. The lifters are small parts that open and close the engine valves, activated by oil (hydraulic) pressure. I have a bone stock 350 out of a 74 nova. 2,976 Posts. A final thought on Noisy lifter Therefore, those are the things that can go wrong with your engine and solution for the noisy lifter that annoys the passerby too. I have put 350 miles on it since i bought it . The other causes are the AC compressor clutch, idler pulley, or belt tensioner. 3L sounds like a diesel on idle. As your car ages, the engine can consume, burn, or leak oil. The purge valve on your car allows fuel vapors to be burned by the engine for emissions purposes. couldn't believe that would shake a big truck like that but it did. This is why nearly every car has an oil-pressure warning light. Sounds like its coming from mid to rear of truck. So, if you’re wondering what could be the cause of your engine ticking noise, be sure to check your oil level first. 85000 miles on the engine, presumably never rebuilt. Already a bulletin for balancing chain. 3L engines, AERA technical committee offers the following information. Plus, the squealing noise is going to become consistently louder, creating an annoying ride. The Ford Edge has a cracked flexplate and emits a rattling noise and Ford will not address the problem. Im having an issue with my engine on my 1995 Tahoe. Went up a hill, felt and heard a pop noise. 4L 3V engine may exhibit an intermittent rattle noise while driving from idle up to 1200 RPM when the engine is at operating temperature. Being able to hear the noise when you hold the brake in gear and throttle it doesn't sound like pinging unless you have some major detonation that is coming on right off idle! When you hold the brake and rev it in gear the engine physically torques over in the mounts compared to free reving, try to eliminate any moving parts hitting stationary parts. Cowl hood, cab lights and 6000k 55 watt hids. Make sure it's not piston rattle but rather noise from another source. No clanking noise at idle really at all,Only if i rev the engine about 2000RPM,But the noise is faint in comparison to when it's in gear and moving. I have noticed that when I accelarate quickly from stop position or even when driving I can hear a rattling . It's like a cycling noise going on and off, almost like a noisy fan or some plastic on plastic rubbing. A customer recently brought in his 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which is equipped with the 5. This can produce a rattling noise from within the engine. It's also not every time you start it, only when it's been sitting awhile (such as over night). Schedule an online appointment . If you are not feeling the usual . The rattle stayed EXACTLY the same. As the bearings wear out, the pistons will start to rattle against the crankshaft, creating a very similar knocking sound. Chief915 said: I was out towing with the subruban last night, everything went great. Low coolant can cause overheating. The idler pulley and belt are located near the front of the engine. I was told that its the cam going bad. You can make an LS idle as quiet as a Honda if you want, but you will sacrifice performance. When we change the oil it tends to go away but returns at about the 1200 to 1500 mile mark. Sounds like a cricket! part number 16790-5J6-A01 - Pump Assy. Advised to put some more miles on it and then bring it back in. 0 Engine. Other than the new noise coming from the engine, everything else was . Running a 350, 4 bolt main, non-fancy type of engine, rebuild prior . #4. Received a call that the timing chain needs replaced $198. I've been dealing with a rattle issue for a while now on my '07 RX350. If this happens, you should take the vehicle to a . 4. they may seem tight, but give them a few turns and you'll be surprised that your rattle is gone With a stethoscope at idle you can hear mechanical noise from the valve train working when held on the valve covers but nothing ticking. has Royal Purple 20-50 syn oil and HD filter. Not on a bulletin. What would cause a chevy 350 to rattle at an idle. When revving the engine up even just a little bit, the noise is no longer heard. He found "Doc ID 3819310" which addressed a rattle noise at 30 to 40 mph, only when driving. svi 2015. But no. Joined Feb 8, 2012. (It comes up instantly, not slowly. 2L engine may exhibit a rattle or rapping type sound during cold operation at light loads and speeds from Idle-3000 RPM. The noise has been sperattic. "A rattling noise while accelerating slowly between 2500-3000 RPM" They got back to me with Special Service Message 46173 that says: "Some 2016-2017 Mustang GT350 equipped with the 5. The torque converter has turbines, bearings and many moving parts that can "explode" giving enough time. 3L Vortec engine. Hello Guys, I recently bought a 2OO3 Chevy tracker ZR2 with the 2. It gets pretty loud after about the 2000 to 2500 mile mark. When it is doing the noise I would crawl under there and touch everything and if noise still persists, then it sounds slightly different to me because it is just a noise that just started and not as bad as I used to hear by the time the rigs got to my shops. 7 Vortec with a misfire, P0300 code for 3 months. He said it was coming from the Intake Manifold Collector. Rough Acceleration. Dealer affirmed hearing it saying may be injector noise. I have a loud rattling noise upon acceleration, what could be the problem - 2012 Chevrolet Cruze At idle, it sounds like something is rolling ruffly. Humming noises are usually an indication of a bad bearing. Hello, Im new to the Forum and plan to be on here a good bit. Same rattling noise. 10,474 Posts. Rough idle. The misfire can occur at all RPMs or just a specific RPM, such as idle only or only at high RPM. #15 · Feb 1, 2020. Tech / General Engine - Grinding/rattling from engine at idle??! - I got a noise at idle. When sitting in the garage and idling, it will gladly take the accelerator right up to WOT, without any audible valve train noise or anything. the engine also tends to overheat at high speeds regardless of a good cooling system. If the noise went away, with the engine off and cool just remove the belt or belts Not sure how many you have spin by hand and check for play in all the pulleys, Something will sound like it is grinding and or have lots of wobble to it a stethoscope or long screw driver will help. When you hear a rattle, it could be caused by numerous things. To be sure about the source of the noise, keep the car at idle and open the hood to listen where the sounds are coming from. Thewholeenchelada. You usually hear this noise when accelerating the vehicle. 3 Vortec - 350 miles -- have a rattle noise from engine. 1: heater stopped workiing, prob. It has 225,000 miles and I am having the common problem of stalling while braking. after warming up, my honda 09 foreman makes a rattling noise at a certain rpm in each gear. Had it on jackstands for about 3 months no transmission. How to Check for Slack in Your Timing Chain Besides diagnosing a rattling noise coming from the front engine cover, you can do the following check. The engine may throw a P0087 trouble code. The noise is also only present on a engine that has been brought to . The noise cannot be heard from the outside of the vehicle. Low oil pressure and engine noise are often attributed to internal wear, especially on high mileage vehicles. They would compare it to another 2014 running/idling at that time. #3 · Nov 19, 2011. In the hot rodding community, the transmission can sometimes become a neglected component in the driveline. I even shut my truck down at speed and hit a small bump hearing it rattle. the bolts that act as the hinge point (up near the wiper cowl) can be just barely loose enough to cause the rattle. Blower makes “rattle” noise. They offered to sell me refurbished ones for $250 or new ones for $350 at the time IIRC, this was all out of warranty and at the time when a new Edge Juice with attitude was $800-900. Asked by Henrycardaropoli67 Sep 05, 2015 at 07:12 AM about the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro. 16 years of experience. It rattles when I idle after driving for a little while, and I've noticed the RPM's drop slightly when it does this for a few seconds, and then after the few seconds it returns to normal, no more rattling and no RPM drop. I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu LT. New. bearings. This is NOT thought to be piston slap but a rattling noise cause by cam phaser system. In your vehicle’s lifetime, expect suspension or steering repairs due to normal wear. Paul I was messing around with the idle and got the noise to go away but of course when I'm at a light with it in gear the sound comes back. seems . If the fan is driven by a belt, check the belt. Failure Date: 06/04/2020. '07 trailblazer ls . Rattling when you're in motion – If you hear something rattling and you know it's . 2003 Chevy Impala, 3800 engine. It's like an extremely loud rattling/clanking noise. At an idle, especially cold, there is a constant vibration and noise. It will be a faint sound when the car is idling in ‘park’ mode, but the volume and frequency will increase in proportion to acceleration. Installed them and the noise is gone. car is beautiful and just ticked over 100k never driven over 50mph thats the speed limit in my state. How to fix your car when it rattles with the engine running. Engine spark knock is usually heard, during moderate to heavy engine acceleration. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 22, 2009. The noise sounds as if it is coming from the engine. 4 Common Chevy 6. Just drove it for the time today. I have played around with the idle speed and 16 is the most I can get. If oil stops coursing through the engine’s passageways, the result will be catastrophic failure. #14 · Sep 29, 2013. Does it occur only when accelerating the vehicle? Or is the noise prevalent even during idling or cruising? Is the rattling noise coming from . 6L. to drive . It doesn't do it idling or just cruising, just under acceleration. I had a ticking noise in my 283 looked at all the normal things lifter, rocker arms, cam could not find any thing. I had this problem intermittently a long time ago and then my transmission went out. 1999, 7. Chevy 350 Engine Identification Jun 25, 2000 · Has anyone ever had a PCV valve that actually rattles while the engine is idling. Fan belt problems. This valve will make a ticking noise at times. My 04 suburban did the same thing and it was 2 of the rubber hangers on the muffler and tailpipe. Strange Noise At Idle. Chevy 882 heads redone valves springs retainers locks ect. Super Moderator. Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the 2013 Chevrolet Sonic 2. Katie7312 said: I just recently purchased a certified pre-owned 2014 Traverse. BUT as soon as it's under load (acceleration of the vehicle) it will start rattling at I guess 2500 RPM. With the line removed and capped off it sounds great, no RPM fluctuations. It has some valve train noise that seems to be getting louder over time. at 5mph in 1st gear, at 9 mph in 2nd, at 13mph in 3rd, and 18 in 4th. Noise Diagnostics Guide You love driving your Silverado, but those eeks, creeks, and buzzing sounds are driving you crazy. 0 liter vortec gasser and it was throwing the P0300 random cylinder misfire code which I think I may have fixed but lately it has been making a rattle noise at 1000-1500 RPM's and only there. The noise is the loudest and most frequent when the engine is coldest. A cracked flexplate should not happen, let alone at 50k. i have a chevy 350 small block that knocks at idling rpms. A restricted or clogged transmission filter makes the same whining noise as a faulty transmission pump. I recently noticed that there’s a rattling sound when the car in in idle (800RPM) but it disappear when I rev it up to higher RPM or while driving. When held on the header pipes or down on the collector you can hear a fairly distinct ticking. 30. For instance, engine knocking when, working hard under load, like driving uphill, passing a slowpoke or towing a trailer. After talking with a few mechanics, it was not the oil pump as the oil pressure was fine. ruj 2019. A PCV valve leak can cause the air-fuel mixture to run too lean, and this will cause a rough idle. Moral of the story, check your ignition system if you suspect the truck is pre-firing. Re: 5. The term “vortec” is simply a marketing name used by Chevrolet to communicate its use of “vortex technology”. It doesn't lose power, it just rattles, guite loudly though. Some 2004-2010 F-150, 2005-2010 F-Super Duty 250/350, 2005-2013 Expedition, Navigator and 2006-2008 Mark LT vehicles equipped with 5. "Reference NTB05-015 RATTLE NOISE FROM VAIS POWER VALVE ACTUATOR/ INTAKE MANIFOLD . The following are causes of timing gear or chain and sprocket noise: Worn timing chain and/or gears 438 Posts. A quick steady tap may indicate lifters or cam lobe, while a clatter may be loose/worn rocker arms. lip 2019. The best way to minimize both piston slap and valve lifter click is to keep the oil changed on schedule with 5W-30 synthetic, as well as keep it full. originally posted by 64 [email protected] 5 2009, 11:28 am~12914254 i got a chevy 350 with edelbrock intake holly carb,, wen i push on gas to a higher rpm then it starts to do the popping sound threw my carb, is this caused by 1 of my lobes worn out on my cam shaft?? Problems regarding Chevy 5. Low knock at idle, noise gets louder as RPM's increase under a load. Looked at the exhaust and can't find anything loose. 3. Don't know if that is what your noise is but if it is the torque convertor bolt and it comes loose it can cause lots of damage. I have that ticking noise in ‘15 Civic on highway when at high speed. Chassis 129K, Engine 7. On the way home I stopped at a traffic light and noticed an unusual "dull sounding rattling" noise coming from the firewall/floor/engine area. Thought I had all issues solved, went on 20 mile cruise varying speeds to break in rings, no overheating issues good oil . I have 1991 Chevy Silverado. possibility you are hearing the imfamous balance shaft rattle noise . Car Making Rattling Noise Over Rough Roads. However it lacks power, off idle to 2200 rpm ok, any higher rpm very little power. I know my 2010 was much quiete. Its a loud rattling/tapping that sounds like it is coming from the front drivers side of the truck, it has a very metallic quality to it. 3 in a '99 F350. The RPM's at idle are around 650, which has always been normal. The 6. After Chevy had it for 5 days they said it was an issue with the timing chains. when i am at idle at a light or even slowing down the engine makes a rattling noise . Also, now doing engine oil consumption test because oil was low as well as engine coolant was low. 7L V8, the engine purrs like a kitten if you rev it up in park, but once you're in gear and rolling, the valves rattle like a symphony of little hammers anywhere over 1500 RPMs. 2L engine dry sump oil system may generate a moan noise that may be heard inside the vehicle at idle and/or low engine rpm operation for approximately the first two minutes following a cold start. I have only heard this noise in Park at Idle and it does not do it all the time. Just noticed a chirping sound in the engine. Based on my results with my truck, the rattle will be back. It still drives well and there is no engine noise. Only use the specified type of antifreeze to top off the system. 350 HP / 400 TQ. 2000 chevy impala rattling or knocking noise when turning over is quite loud and does it a little when shut off. My 5. I did not build this 360 and no only that it has good oil pressure. ) The engine “rattles” until the oil pressure comes up to normal. When the engine is started after sitting overnight, the oil pressure takes 3-5 seconds to come up to “normal”. Noise developed 2200 miles after my last oil change (valvoline maxlife 0w20). If you suspect that the EGR valve is behind your engine's rough idle condition, this tutorial will help you to troubleshoot it with 2 simple tests. 85 Chevy Silverado C10 short, wide, yellow, 2wd. So in summary, yes it still makes the noise even when fully warmed up. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Go to any dragstrip in America on any given night, and you will see a lot of fourth-generation Camaros and Firebirds. I'm thinking it was the pump? Joined Oct 4, 2007. If TQ, does it only rattle at idle or all times? CHEVY 350 RATTLING NOISE AT IDLE. idle meanwhile getting rougher. 3L engine, I would get a little knocking noise upon start up. When I give it the throttle quickly it jumps from 1 to 20. This noise is only noticeable at idle and a slight increase in RPM will diminish the noise. The Vortec 5300 is a small-block V8 GM engine that was produced from 1999 until 2013. Regarding a ticking noise or misfire on 2005-2014 GM V8 engines. 4-liter is available in the Ford F150, F250 and F350 pickups, as well as the . This 360 has at idle has a light light tapping noise. These issues don't show up suddenly, as a rule. Sounds almost like something is loose, or a pulley is loose or something, and sometimes when coming to a stop at a red light, it makes a random clunk and rattle noise intermittently. Hope this helps. Hello All, I have an older 2001 Honda accord I4 about 160k miles on it. 42 posi, Boss 338 20's, 12 way seats, Impala SS console, etc etc etc Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the 2015 Ford Edge 3. 3L engines. Rattle noise is of primary interest in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) . As far as the starter goes, I checked the bolts, Their all tightened down, The truck always fires up almost instantly,Whats strange is the noise really only happens when the truck is put into gear and driven. Increased Oil Consumption & Oil Leaks. Hey Guys, I have a ticking noise coming from my 350 that is . Chirping Type Noise From Engine at Idle If no noise, then you know it is the outer belt drive accessories. Many Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra drivers have reported hearing a knock or a clunking noise coming from the steering shaft. let of pedal and it quiets down. This occurred when it was new. It could just be a manufacturing issue or tight tolerances. Therefore with AFM (Active Fuel Management, formerly known as displacement on demand (DoD)). They develop over time as the result of poor maintenance, abuse, or high mileage. Returned to hubler chevy for strange noise at a cold start. stu 2013. It makes me think that there may be a bearing going bad. When oil is low, the valve train and its parts aren’t properly lubricated, creating friction and noise. Engine Knocking - Pinging - Rattling Noise - Common Causes Are you hearing an annoying, engine knocking, pinging or rattling noise, when you accelerate your engine. worn or damaged shafts. 7 Symptoms of a Bad PCV Valve. Thanks for any suggestions. Shaft and coupler are loose (rare in new . My 2001 does it, and my 2012 does it also to a lesser degree. The clutch needle roller bearing inside the clutch hub can also make a clicking noise if it goes dry. once you get above idling rpms, the knocking goes away completely and the engine runs very smooth. Wondering if anybody can help me out. 3L Vortec is based off of the LS engine platform, it itself is not technically an LS engine. It’s common to see a stock or mildly-built transmission sitting behind a mega-horsepower engine without the proper ingredients to handle abuse. So the TB started making this horrible rattling noise underneath the vehicle the other day. 8. So, I've noticed this odd noise lately in my 2009 3. When the serpentine belt breaks, you have bigger problems to deal with. 17. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on October 02, 2018: Hi Sus1024, Valve train noises occur at half of crankshaft speed so even if your ear can't tell whether the noise is happening at 700 rpm (raps per minute) or only 350 rpm, your eyes can. 18. oh yea has 3. Ive sent a few into Edge before and they have said they are unrepairable. Lifter Noise. 40 Gov-lok 12 bolt. The noise also only appears when it is warmed (engine running for about 3 - 5 minutes after cold start . The engine might stall or overheat as a result. that sounds like valve lash noise . 4,506 Posts. It will occur at idle and increases as you rev the engine, continuing even when the engine is warm. Engine rattling noise. STARTUP RATTLE Some 2004 F150 and 2005 F150, Expedition, Navigator, … ya know what I mean. Is it normal for my engine to rattle? I have an '06 5. When this happens, you may hear a rattling noise or ticking noise from the engine. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 2, 2009. Air bubbles in the cooling system can also cause issues. 0L, and 5. If you are sure the noise is coming from your gear box and happens even in neutral, then the output shaft bearing in your transmission may be starting to go bad. It will generally sound more like a "rattle" though. I started out with a noisy belt, I changed it, all was good for about two weeks, changed it again, but before I changed it I noticed a clunking noise coming from the area of my pully’s when I first started it, it went away after thirty seconds or so. The rattlin idontknow but. It's like a weird rattle. or even when you first start the car and it's stationary and idling. A faulty hydraulic lifter will usually result in the rocker arm, valve tip and push rod also going bad if left unattended. I'm not exactly sure what it is but it's pretty loud. worn bearings. Drove it short distance home. Small-block Chevy 350 was dropped in, along with a TH350 transmission and conversion to power brakes-power steering. 3L V8 Vortec 5300. GM didnt know how to fix, replaced cam actuator. Lean/Rich Mixture. I first off thought it could be lifters, so me and my dad pulled the head off and replaced the lifters with irok performance lifters, put it all back together and still had the same problem. I just noticed the engine rattles it has 5700 mile on it. Some automakers (e. Thursday, Jan 12, 2012, 05:11 PM. the knock is pretty deep sounding and sounds as if it is coming from the driver side, in the very back of the engine. Your Car-X Man can diagnose what that under car rattling means and can get you back safely on the road. It goes away with any serious throttle. It seems that when the "60-part" portion of the rear bench seat is folded down, the rattling noise stops. 2-barrel Rochester carb, distributor was switched to a new HEI unit. It only does it right off idle with the right amount of light throttle. Could this be a sticky lifter or something more serious? I cranked in a lot of advance on the 350 sbc which resulted in great throttle response. 4l having a problem with balance chain pins that wear and that it Can cause an engine noise. hot or cold , it runs really well under all circumstances , barks the tires on first gear upshift , and is fun. High Idle RPM/Rough Idle. Let's see how to eliminate a few of them. My truck (92 1500,2wd w/5. Chevy 4. 4L three-valve V8 engine and experience a rattling noise, rough idle, . If you hear a squealing or whining noise coming from under the hood of your car, trust your instincts and let us take a look at it at the Carr . Re: Vibration and. The vehicle now sounds like a diesel and puts the driver and others at risk. 3 Posts. worn or failing synchronizer. rattle became a knocking. When I had my 1998 Chevrolet W/T with the 4. My engine brake works fine all the time without a miss. My lil' 2004 Focus 2. No noise. I could hear the rattling noise over on the passenger side ever so faint. Noise is from another source—remove the drive belt and run the engine to isolate the noise. Once you wore through the "too thin" hard layer, a lobe would wear down real fast. Re: 350 v-8 has miss at idle 11-29-04 10:28 AM - Post# 530375 In response to ranman If your replacement engine is from the mid seventies, you could be losing a lobe on the cam, chevy had a problem those years with it's case hardening process. This last July 2013 I received a letter from GM with a notice of some 2010 2. The most common sources of manual transmission noises include: low fluid level. Engine "rattles" only on "Cold" start. You may or may not feel the misfire. Ford's Response to Engine Noises. as soon as you touch the gas it goes - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 2009 2. Trouble Shooter. It only got loud when at idle, or when decelerating from a higher RPM. The fix: Immediately shut off the engine. . Noise. A low rumble or knocking noise could be caused by a bad rod bearing on the crankshaft. New rebuilt 350. I dont believe there is a actual mechanical test to diagnose them, but my trans guy had me put the truck in reverse at an idle, then shift to park. Cleaning out the oil return holes atop the cylinder heads did not solver the problem (although I'm sure the heads are happy to be relieved of 20+ years of carbon buildup. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 1970 SS454 LS6 SuperCar certified stock appearing [email protected] MPH with 3. Worn or otherwise compromised drive belts are a common cause of noises when accelerating. Here is a more detailed list of the most common symptoms when it comes to a failed or bad PCV valve. Failure Date: 02/21/2014. I kinda think it is the alternator, since I can initiate the rattle/vibration by lowering the power windows. Then the rattle/vibration starts I can see a slight change in RPM's, usually less than 100. Jun 14 2020, 11:10pm. It turned out to be the oil filter. Its been making the rattling noise on startup a couple times a week now, and when I changed the oil this last weekend I saw a lot of metal flakes on the inlet of the filter . 4. any ideas or. How to fix rattling engine noise in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. I own an 07 with the 5. He pulled up the TSB's and sure enough there was a TSB on the issue. If you have the NPP exhaust, and the optional "dress up" plate between the exhaust tips, the tips of the NPP will actually hit the plate while at idle or when you hit a bump. It is my understanding that there is a . My 1990 G30 van (350 v8, auto) has a rattling noise which happens at idle (but only in Drive and Reverse), and when driving between certain speeds. I have a 2010 Chevrolet express van 4. K. Loud rattle from motor when it starts. I had the transmission rebuilt which now shifts fine but doesn't go into 4th (i don . Mine had the extra loud rattle to it as well. 0 Engine Problems with Solutions Problem 1: Rottline Sound is Coming from Chevy 6. 12,919 Posts. The most common noise is a high frequency, light-knocking sound. runs a little rough, while driving under normal conditions it sputters, hesitates, and also will backfire, under heavy acceleration no . A loud “smacking”, or knocking noise often signifies a much more severe internal engine issue than a tick. except it makes a rattling noise when at idle when i first start it . The fix is to service the valve regularly and make sure that it is clean and fully operational. PCV valve. when the engine is cool, there is no knocking, but once it gets warmed up it starts aknockin'. I can hear it through my front door. help please. There are physical signs that you can feel when your Silverado’s fuel pump is going out. Sounds like bolts bouncing around or popcorn popping. Kyle6594 said: Hi all, I have a 2007 GMC Canyon with the I4 engine and automatic transmission. OH MAN, was that a freakin BLAST. Try moving your exhaust, by hand, to see if it touches the plate. Don't ask me how I know, had to have aluminum adapter plate, flywheel flex plate and torque convertor replaced because of torque convertor bolts coming loose . 8408 mi: GM cant figure out how to solve problem. Same Thing. My mechanic thinks I may have rod damage or the oil pressure switch may need to be replaced. I don't think it is the "Typewriter" noise everyone talks about but I am going to change the oil and put Mobile Delvac in it and see if that helps. f150 Lower Unit Knock at Idle Some 2011-2012 F-150 and …. 3L Vortec Common Engine Problems – Vortec 4300 V6. As already stated, it is completely normal and of no concern. maybe a main bearing. If the pump is bad, the car will make whining sounds both while driving on the road and at idling. Roller rockers do tend to make some noise at idle. The Chevy dealer said that it was "normal. i have a very loud rattling noise that occurs . Often, this sound becomes unrecognizable, so you can’t usually guess the source of it. I said screw it and went and bought two new rear O2's ($67. Besides a rattling noise, this will upset timing, preventing valves and pistons synchronization, and loss of engine power. I have a rattling noise I hear under part throttle conditions between 2000-3000RPM, most noticeable in 2nd or 3rd gear when I am driving around town. Engine is from a 1974 Chevelle, rebuilt at time of install. Aug 4, 2011. However, when the engine heats up it is hard to start. chevy 350 rattling noise at idle